Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

finally news!

hey! i updated the page today, all the releases i made so far are now in the releases section. i will update the distro in the coming days and i will also release the FAST//LOUD sampler by the end of the week!

i also have some upcoming releases to announce, some will hopefully come out this year, the rest in 2013!

here we go... the next releases on epileptic media are...

fast//loud sampler - compilation tape
huffin paint - demo tape
whitey whitneys - demo tape
inzest cats - discography tape
se mustard terrorists - schönheiten des lebens 7'
ebola/ grumo - split 7'
agathocles/ vatican city syndrome - split 7'
henry fonda/ burt - split 7'
chevin/ huffin paint - split 7'